I have spent the last two days Cabineting over at the houselet, and progress has been made!

1) Those upper cabinets

OK, these have been an absolute PITA to deal with, but the good news is that they seem to be turning out as I’d hoped! So that thing where I said that one should probably use a deglosser and sand melamine cabinets before painting them? Holy crap, yes, learn from my mistakes, you guys. This is what they looked like after a coat of primer and two coats of my super hard-core enamel paint:



The worst! See how the paint is pulling away from the melamine? Melamine does not want to be painted! This next picture is after FIVE coats of paint. Five! And they still need touching up, especially on the bottom! But I am feeling much better about the way they’re looking. I do think they’re retreating into the wall a little bit and I think the beams pop nicely next to them (or maybe I just have Stockholm Syndrome)


And then, just because I was feeling impatient, I decided to hang some stuff to help turn the leftmost upper cabinet into a bar (which is part of my ten step plan to actually like the upper cabs).
First: a wine rack that’ll hold four bottles of wine on the side of the cabinet (just to announce myself if I move to Utah: you’ll walk in the door, look to the right, and Thar Be Wine!)
And here’s everything from the side:

Second, a little rack to hang my wine glasses under the cabinet: the glasses will go in by their stems and hang upside down.

2) Hanging weird Ikea raily-things

So I bought one of these dealies with the intent to hang my dish drainer on it over the sink. It turned out to be a little long for the space, so I just decided to hang it over the stove instead.

I still needed a rail for the dish drainer, so I decided to do my favorite thing ever and build one out of plumbing parts (I know this look is not for everyone, but I looooove the kind of industrial nature of using plumbing parts. I built a bed out of plumbing pipe in my old place, and it was one of my favorite things ever.)

With dish drainer, which will drain right into the sink!

And the awesome part about the dish drainer is it folds up to get out of the way. God bless Ikea.

(see also the cutting board that fits snugly on top of the bowl of the sink, giving me an extra chopping surface).

Then I built a toilet paper roll holder out of pipe fittings too, just because

3) Lower cabinets

So I spent a long time staring at various incarnations of gray and green paint swatches on the cabinets

….and decided that staining them gray was the way to go. I took all the doors off and haven’t stained the drawer fronts yet, because I think I am going to steal this idea whole cloth and dandelion up the front of the cabs and drawers. I have to track down a stencil before I do that, though, so they remain unstained for the moment.

(this is the first coat of stain, so forgive the blotchy bits)

There’s a slight blue undertone in the gray (which is a pretty dark charcoal color otherwise), and I am liking that with the blue-gray bathroom ceiling and the blue door (and eventually, the dark blue couch). It’s a little more pronounced here because of the light: 90% of the time it doesn’t look like that.

4) Stair cubbies!

Jeff built them and put them in! Total surprise! I love them. They open from the sink side, and as soon as I can cut some holes in the stair risers, they’ll open from the stair side as well.

5) Faux-larium bench

For the dark tung oil fans: this will probably have a cushion on it, and I am probably going to build out the front a bit for another shelf and extend the top, but for now, I figured it would look pretty oiled. This is with two coats: I’m slowly building it up so it’ll eventually be as dark as the beams.


6) Folding table
This is the Norbo folding table, another Ikea special: you’ll see it in a lot of tiny houses, and I initially flirted with trying out something else for that reason, but after going to Ikea and poking around, I decided that it’s probably a classic for a reason and picked it up. I’m glad I did: it juts out just the right amount, which means you can fit a small crowd around it (OK, three!) but it also doesn’t feel like it takes up all the floor space in the living room. And when it folds down, it’s only a couple of inches out of the wall and so it feels like it pretty much disappears. Good job, table!

And finally: three dogs in a houselet! Lucy is much happier to be down hanging out at the build site now that there are, you know, walls.


One thought on “Schrankwerk

  1. Hey Kelsey… this is Susy commenting now. I LOVE your little house…you have made some terrific choices. Glen and I can relate as our new condo is much smaller than our old house and we had to watch the size of things. We have made some creative choices and it’s good to see you have too! We love getting updates on your new little place and we love your writings…very humorous. Keep up the good work and say hi to your Mom.
    Love from Toronto…. Susy

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