Build: Painting Lacuna

First: Jeff is back, following some unexpected health badness! He looks much spryer than you might imagine, he says he feels fine, no big deal (OBVIOUSLY!), and he is very annoyed that he is only allowed to lift five pounds for ten days and is not allowed to climb on any roofs. He wants to come back and work on Monday: Mom was like, “NO I WILL HAVE YOU ARRESTED” and then decided that if he wanted, we would bring down a chair and he would be allowed to sit in the chair and dictate to us what he wants nailed where. But that’s it! (So Jeff, if you’re reading: prepare to be annoyed).

Second: we have painted and painted and painted and painted for the last few days and do I have any good pictures to show for it? I DO NOT! Apparently, it is hard to capture the awesomeness of walls slowly turning white, and you cannot see how pretty the white is in any of them. Let me just say for the record: it is very very very pretty. It feels huge inside, and the white itself is wonderful. Those dudes who picked this color for the White House sure knew what they were doing. Let me also say for the record: Zero VOC paints are awesome to work with, as they do not make you feel like you are being slowly poisoned, but they just do not cover all that well. I am using Natura, Benjamin Moore’s zero-VOC line: it tied for best when Consumer Reports rated all of the big zero-VOC paints, and it is creamy and non-drippy and goes on really well and holds color great, but man, even after priming (which we didn’t technically need to do, as it’s a paint/primer combo), we’re going to need to do at least two coats. And it’s just white! Crazy! Also it is so expensive that I might as well just be slapping ground up diamonds on the wall. However, it hopefully means I won’t die of Paint Cancer, so I like to think it is a wash?

Here are some pictures wherein everything looks terrible, so you’ll have to trust me that it all actually looks great.

I hate priming so much. I made up a song to the tune of “Everything’s Up To Date In Kansas City” that starts out “Oh, everything looks so ter’ble when you’re priming.” It has like twelve verses and I had to sing it about forty times before I was done priming.
Interior painting
Priming: view from loft
Interior paintingMom, painting loft
Interior painting

Interior painting

Nellie, “helping” grandma paint the loft
Interior painting

Painted loft!
Interior painting
Interior painting
Painting the living room (I stopped at the kitchen, as it is currently occupied by an immense skillsaw)
Interior painting

Painting the ceiling, or “fifteen ways to get paint drops on your contacts”
Interior painting

Lacuna when my grandmother and the Hua come to visit. They are bearing snacks, and immediately are the best-loved guests ever to arrive at the site.

Hua, attempting to pose figurehead-like on the tongue of the trailer.
Interior painting

Nanny and the Hua
Interior painting

Nanny + Hua + friendly photobombing pit bull
Interior painting

Living room all painted!
Interior painting

See all this trim? It is going on the walls!
Interior painting

See these pretty copper pipes? They are going in the shower!
Interior painting

See this former mass of wires? It is a real socket now!
Interior painting

See all this flooring? It is hanging out in the loft acclimating so I can install it next week!
(main floor)
Interior painting
(loft floor. Fifty cents a sq. ft!)
Interior painting

See this pit bull? She is dead from boredom after watching paint dry all day.
Interior painting

Consumer update! I bought this couch this weekend, which is going to be the greatest thing ever: it can be a couch or a chaise or a place for visiting dignitaries to sleep, and I am in love with it. I got it in this pretty dark blue, and es perfecto.

Also this doorbell, which is an old-timey, non-electric twist doorbell and which I basically want to marry.

Coming attractions: Jeff sits in a chair and yells at us about where to put the trim, hopefully; someday we finish painting the kitchen; my mom and I attempt to put in several floors without anyone getting murdered (results pending); I finally get my act together and order my countertops already.


2 thoughts on “Build: Painting Lacuna

  1. Kels, What great pics.
    The paint job you folks are doing is superb .
    I wish I were there to help.
    Keep posting, it’s great to watch your progress.
    Can’t wait to hang out on that new couch.

    • Awww, you just worry about getting better! And don’t worry: I kind of have the feeling that there are going to be plenty of projects to do 🙂 This couch is reserved for you anywhere the houselet goes!

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