Build: Days Twelve and Thirteen and INTO THE INFINITE FUTURE

Day 11: I start priming the house. I remember very quickly that I freaking hate priming, as it is all of the work of painting with none of the “oh, yay, things are looking great!” reward of painting. In fact, it is negative reward, since everything looks way worse after you prime it. I get that priming is important, and I am going to be rewarded for it by only needing two gallons of paint for the entire house. That intellectual reminder quickly begins to mean nothing to me, because boooo priming.

Day 12: I prime some more. And then even more. I stand on a tippy ladder attempting to prime the 13.5 ft. section of the house with an extension pole. I then slap a little bit of paint on one of the primed sections, even though I am not done with the priming, because I really want to see how the paint looks. I decide I feel meh about the color. I realize that even though it is impractical, I secretly still really want blue. I press on, because I proposed to Benjamin Moore Pewter and it said yes and now I just have to figure out how to make it work. I try to take pictures of the color to show you guys but can’t get any shots where the color even vaguely approximates how it looks in real life. While I am doing this, Jeff roofs. Jeff becomes covered in tar, as it is windy during this whole endeavor. We end the day yelling at each other about outlet placement for no reason.

Day 13 [today]: I finish priming [mostly. not the really tall sections, for which I have decided I will need a taller ladder.] I start getting more paint up on the walls. I feel marginally better about the color, but still a touch meh. I decide to forgo anything like the extension pole or the edger in favor of just getting the maximum amount of paint on the wall possible, so now it looks like a. Charlie Brown’s shirt, b. like it is being painted by a manic-depressive Rothko enthusiast. No photographs are even attempted. I run out of paint. I paint all the window trim high gloss white, thinking all the time that I probably should have stained it like I initially wanted to, and end the day feeling TERRIBLE about EVERYTHING and hating the whole project in a way that even I can tell is just a combination of tiredness and spoiled child-style petulance about not getting everything I want at all times always. I remind myself that I always get down on projects halfway through, and then immediately start feeling better once I push on.  Jeff finishes the roof. Momentous occasion: house is now a complete, watertight structure. Yay!

After I get done painting, I immediately go up to Lowes in order to look at pocket doors and shower enclosures, all of which I HATE, and after that, I realize that I just need to go home and go to bed.

Day 14-389434: MOAR PAINTING. I am so tired of painting, you guys. It does not help that it has been 43 degrees and windy. Subpar painting conditions!

Also on Day 14: Jeff puts the shower in and starts plumbing it! Hurrah!
Also on Day 14, hopefully: I get over myself, because honestly, self.

PS: [This is a good PS]: This morning when I got to the house, there was a bobcat just hanging out on the roof. Bobcat! They are generally pretty shy, but this guy had gotten himself into a position on the roof where he couldn’t quite scamper off, so as I got closer, he did the exact same thing that my cats do when I catch them in Forbidden Zones: he got very disdainful and was like, “Hey, jerk, I am going to sloooooowly get off this roof, but it’s just because I want to and not because you are the boss of me”, and when he made it down, he zipped off right into the underbrush. Yay for hilariously snide bobcats!


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