Back in the sun Build: Day Five

This is going to be primarily a picture post, because I actually had no part of the building today (like a chump, I had to work.) But I zoomed down after work to take pictures of the house through the fence at the build site (which closes at 5, half an hour after I get done with work, and since I had to get Widget and my grandmother’s dog from daycare first, I missed my window). And even though I didn’t get to jump around in the house, I was glad I went down to see it, because it turns out Jeff has been BUSY!


SO MANY WALLS, YOU GUYS! All of the exterior wall framing is done now, with the exception of the faux-larium over the hitch (which is a somewhat more complicated build and is going to happen last). Once the walls are sided and the ceiling is framed out, it’ll look a whole lot less like an adorable cartoon tractor.


The tall thing that’s centered here is the door to the faux-larium, which will stick out over the hitch (this will be a framed doorway with a step up to it, but it won’t have an actual door). The tall posts on top will connect straight back to the loft wall (the highest part of the house, at 13.5 ft.) What this means is that while the edges of the living room ceiling will be 8.5 feet, the bulk of the ceiling (from the faux-larium all the way to the loft) will be 10 ft: there will be two skylights in the 10 ft part. What one could do with this design is to have the door to the faux-larium be the front door of the house and then put a little porch over the hitch: I opted to have more indoor space instead. What I think I’m going to do is to put a foldup porch/awning where my front door is (on the side of the house), which can drop down when the house is stationary (and can also fold up for extra security if I’m away.) Please also note the big windows on each side of the front of the house. That’s nine windows, plus the bay window in the faux-larium, plus two skylights in the living room (and maybe another skylight in the loft if I can find one that lies basically flush with the roof: I have no extra room to play with on the top).

I took lots of pictures from different angles, which you can see on my flickr, but they all look basically the same, so here’s a parting shot of the tiny house from the frontage road outside the feed store.


It is kind of crazy to think that one week ago today, the tiny house looked like this:


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