Build: Day Three

So my plan today was pretty easy: I was just going to go put a second coat of paint on the floor and call it a day. But Jeff came by early this morning and said that he was going to just drop some stuff off at the site and wanted me to bring the generator down a little later. So as soon as I walked the dogs, I headed down there, and when I arrived, I found Jeff PUTTING UP A WALL. Jeff! Best contractor! I helped him actually get it lifted in the air and mounted, and when I came back later, he’d gotten it bolted up, attached it to the trailer frame and gotten it propped up in preparation for the other two back walls, which are going on tomorrow.

WOO WALL! (PS: Those diagonal side beams are just holding it up: they will go away.)

Future loft windows

I brought Nellie down to help me, and she turned out to be an excellent Construction Pit Bull. There was a lot of space for her to run around and explore, but she took her job as Build Foreman very seriously and mostly just hung out in a pile of hay and watched me work. Here she is, posing majestically on my floor (pre-second coat).

I told her that yellow pit bulls and white paint did not mix, so while I was painting, she basically just hung out and observed.

Painting is SO BORING!

Not a lot to report otherwise: floor looked white when I started and whiter when I finished, but it is visually underwhelming. I was smarter this time and taped everything off, though!

Also brought my edger, which meant I finally got to paint that raw edge on the front! (Also, I just realized that my camera was accidentally set on ‘Auto’ the whole time, which is why these all look washed out–sorry!)


All painted! Nellie apparently thinks she’s the figurehead on a ship. (She is standing in the future home of what my mom hilariously calls the solarium.)



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